About Us

Who we are:

Jolin Foods Inc is an independent frozen and refrigerated food wholesale/distribution company serving independent retail stores in the metropolitan New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania tri-state area.

Our approach:

Jolin Foods Inc offers our customers recognizable nationally branded food products from companies such as Tyson, Con Agra, Smithfield, Unilever, Nestle, Butterball etc.  The brands include but are not limited to Brown & Serve, Banquet, Breyer's, Friendly's, Hot Pockets, Celeste, Weaver, Good Humor, Tower Isles, Furlani's and more. 

We take pride in providing personalized service, smaller minimum orders and next day delivery at competitive prices.

From time to time we also provide limited closeouts, over runs or liquidations. New and discontinued items may come in any day on deal so please check our product catalog often.

Please email info@jolinfoods.co or call 908-686-1988 for more info."