The leading independent wholesale food company in the tri-state area

our approach



Jolin Foods, Inc. offers our customers quality food products at the lowest possible pricing because of our ability to procure in large bulk quantities.

We take pride in our ability to provide next day delivery and low order minimum. Our main product lines include frozen, refrigerated and dry food. 

who we are

Jolin Foods, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality frozen, dairy and grocery food products at discount prices. We are the leading independent wholesale food company servicing small businesses in the metropolitan New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania tri-State area.

Our best customers include independent  chain supermarkets, discount retail stores such as dollar stores and 99 cents stores, delis and bodegas, as well as food service customers like diners and cafeterias. We pride ourselves in providing quality, brand name frozen and refrigerated foods at deep discount prices to make good food affordable. 

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